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Music journalism, marketing, travel and a teacher. Norway and the UK

18 July 2011
A painting of Oldham, in England titled "...

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Blog, blog in English

and blogs about music, travel and jobs

Music journalism and relationship marketing manager in London for the Telegraph Media Group. Music teacher in Oldham.

Sub-editor in Oslo, Norway; marketing analytics manager and digital marketing specialist in London, visitor experience manager in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, and collections management assistant in the UK. This last job offer has a deadline – Sunday July 17.

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Wednesday July 13, 2011

Travel and marketing, Cheshire, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire, Exeter and Swindon. London, designers, commissioning editors and social media

18 July 2011
The Gothic revival chapel at Clumber Park

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Blog, blog in English and job blog

Midweight digital designer, editorial director and social media and content manager – all these job offers for London.

Travel and the UK. Community engagement officer in Worksop, curator in Cheshire, house and visitor services manager in Melford Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk. Conservation services manager in Clumber Park, North Nottinghamshire, visitor services officer in Exeter, senior marketing campaigns manager in Heelis and media and external affairs director in Swindon.

Commissioning editors and… design in Central London, internet/web digital and London, in Central, West or South London, textbooks and West London, online and London, mathematics, science, education and Cambridge, law and London, history, economics and Central London, in Central London, another one and one senior in Central London and in Oxfordshire.

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Opera, Unix and Linux

Saturday July 2, 2011

Two job offers, Hughenden Manor in Buckinghamshire and Lodge Park in North Cotswolds, Glouchestershire

18 July 2011

Blog, blog in English and blogs about travel and jobs

Two job offers in the UK: roving membership recruiter @ Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire,and seasonal visitor services assistant @ Lodge Park, North Cotswolds, Glouchestershire.

Thursday July 12, 2011

Marketing, Genève and Bern tourist information

6 June 2011

Blog, blog in English, jobs and travel blog

 A director of marketing, Geneva and Bern.

Monday May 6, 2011

A designer, a copywriter, travel and communication. Edinburgh, Oxford and London – Waterloo and Vauxhall

3 June 2011
This is a panorama of 3 segments taken with a ...

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Blog, another blog and travel blog

Participation assistant in Waterloo, London. Administrator with knowledge of SAP and Eastern languages in Central London. Assistant production editor and production editor in Oxford. Manager who will be dealing with analytics in London. Content director who will be dealing with digital media in London. Assistant to two directors in the charity field in South East London. Graduate executive search researchers in the City of London. Training course designer in London. Senior copywriter in Vauxhall, London. Website producer who will be dealing with sports in the City of London. Head of PR in London for a tourism website. Member and administration officer in Edinburgh. Communications and information officer in Edinburgh. Presentation scheduler in West London.

Friday May 27, 2011

Marketing and a designer. Glasgow and London

26 May 2011

Lecturer in textile conservation @ the University of Glasgow, acquisitions co-ordinator in Central London, head of marketing strategy in London, mobile app designer in London and a media planner for an internet company in London.

Thursday May 26, 2011

Glasgow, Nottingham, Surrey, London, Yorkshire and Buckinghamshire. Marketing, translation and more

15 May 2011

Blog and blog about your job offers

Jobs for Italian speakers? Multilingual accounts payable assistant in Glasgow, a credit controller in Nottingham, a component engineer in Basildon, marketing managers for Southern Europe in Surrey and North East, GP locum in Surrey – weekday shifts (first and second job offers), a supply chain manager in London, a managing director in Yorkshire, a business development executive in St Albans and a translation checker in Buckinghamshire. And you may read these job offers in another blog of mine.

Friday April 29, 2011

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